Monday, 27 March 2017

Know what version of java you have?

Just to check your awareness and knowledge about java during interviews sometime you might be asked to tell what version of java you have worked upon in your last project.

Mostly beginner’s fail to answer this question as they have learned everything except this silly stuff.
So if you really don’t know then find its answer here as not answering this question might give bad impression about you to interviewer.

Process to know java version of the system

Window System :

Open command prompt( press windows key + r and then type cmd  and then press ok button) 
Command prompt will open.

In command prompt window, type

java –version

and hit enter.

You will be able to see the result showing the version of java your system has.

 Check online for any OS( windows, mac, etc):

1. Go to official java website. Click here
2. On this page click Agree and Continue button.
3. On next page click Verify Java Version button
4. You will be prompted ' Do you want to run this application'. Click on run
5. On the next page that appears will provide you the java version.

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